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short tours for Rio de Janeiro & nearby cities

October 31, 2008


Things that will come useful if you come to Rio #2. This is an extremely OLD brochure I have. I think I got it on 2003. . It served us so well that we went to Angra dos Reis (R$70) 2 times. The first trip was with Zhang, Sun, David. The second was with William, […]

contact for Paragliding at Niteroi city (just next to Rio de Janeiro)

October 30, 2008


Things that will come useful if you come to Rio #1. For those going to Rio & may want to experience flying in para-gliding or delta-wing…. below is a contact of the guy I flew with. I flew with Pedro in 2005, it costs R$100 then, and jumped from Niteroi(Parque da Cidade) instead of from […]

brazillian restaurant that will make you come for more – Restaurante Verdanna (part I)

October 17, 2008


I would… After reading this and seeing the photos, I think you guys you as well… Here goes. . At Niteroi city, next to Rio de Janeiro, there’s a restaurant called Verdanna. . Its a buffet style restaurant that charges R$43 per head. . Its one of the place to go if you are thinking […]

Fantastic view from the back of our office. Jealous leh….

October 6, 2008


Kekeke… Hui, something to make you awake…. 🙂 . Notice the old colonial age buildings nearer to us? I guess they must be more than 200 years old. In Rio the city council is encouraging restoration of old buildings by giving various incentives like tax incentives. So you can see that the one in bright […]

bank clerk union strike at Rio de Janeiro @ 30-Sept-2008 (updated#2)

October 1, 2008


14-October update : The strike is still on-going….. 20-October update : The strike is still on-going….. when i came to office this morning, saw a few people sticking on new pieces of paper onto banks’ glass walls Hi guys, I believe this is rare sight for fellow Malaysian & Singaporean. Here at Rio, since yesterday […]