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In and around Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro…

November 25, 2008


window of an old house . condominium (quite an old one) at Rua da Passagem . TACO shirts at Botafogo Praia Shopping. Its somethine like Singapore/HK’s Gionardo. . Tiny little statue of Jesus Redeemer just outside Botafogo Praia Shopping. The Rio inhibitants see the statue everyday; no wonder most of them never go up the […]

last useful tips from Jim about Rio : Concierge tips for Rio de Janeiro

November 21, 2008


Hi Peter, Thanks for visiting, and hope you have a great time at Rio. I think your visit’s timing is perfect! January is the best time to come to rio for 2 main reasons : carnaval & summer (beaches full with people). Rio is a great city, but there are general guidelines, and below ‘concierge […]

Jesus at 10:49pm, 14/11/2008

November 18, 2008


Living at Rio city, and at times when I can’t sleep, sometimes I just go up to the balcony and take a peek, checking out whether Jesus is visible or not. Its spring now, and weather is quite mad, most of the nights, Jesus is covered with clouds. He was visible on 14/11/2008. It feels […]

Barbeque at Roberto’s house

November 14, 2008


Had a great barbecue (brazillian portuguese : churrasco) at Roberto’s place. Above are some panoramic photos of the day. Below are photos of the stuffs we had for the day (excluding drinks): such an easy set-up; the meats were rubbed with gross salt for a few second before being barbecued. compared to Malaysian BBQ, the […]

stay for free when travelling

November 7, 2008


Good concept. Its house swapping. Here’s some links related to this, which I personally think its very fresh & interesting 1) read more at. Author of blog is ang-moh currently at Cambodia. Play the video from CNN. 2) Gosh! If I knew there’s this site earlier! Found out there’s so much people wanted to […]


November 5, 2008


Lama aku tak click So, decided to check it out today. Clicked! Saw one of the ‘featured blog’ about belacan. Clicked! belacan? baca, baca, baca…. takde belacan pun. Eik? baca, baca… dia tak angry with mean girls? Siapa kacau dia? clicked! sebelum habis baca first sentence I saw another link. clicked! hem…. senam-robik… ok… […]