Posted on 5 November 2008


Lama aku tak click So, decided to check it out today. Clicked!
Saw one of the ‘featured blog’ about belacan. Clicked!
belacan? baca, baca, baca…. takde belacan pun. Eik? baca, baca… dia tak angry with mean girls? Siapa kacau dia? clicked!
sebelum habis baca first sentence I saw another link. clicked!
hem…. senam-robik… ok… sroll down a bit… saw a post about “nerd.. duduk.. blogging”. Semua orang duduk when blogging what!? clicked!
Siberkop? John Hafiz tak nerd? betul ke? Have to see what is not a nerd.clicked!.
Headache baca cerpen “Ludwig van Beethojohn” dia… tapi lucu. Memang hati dia hati artist.
continue baca… baca… sampai his guling-guling movie. clicked!. syok punya video…. Thanks John for the nice video.

Guys, here is ciplak of the guling-guling video below. Click play button. Gerenti enjoy…

I watched this video halfway, and I thought, hem… “yang nie pasti bini dia”; “wah, anak dia cute la”; “eik, ada sikit macam John, so confirmla dia punya family”. Siapa tau, langsung bukan! Click here‘s the link to the creator of this video.

Syok? Now try this one… also gerenti enjoy…

btw, John Hafiz is using Free website? Gotta check out later.
In parallel, there is another blog on makan at miri . This will come handy next month.
Time to change a new wordpress theme. Sien dengan this blue theme. Its too pale.

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