Touring Paris without converting $$$ to Euro

Posted on 15 December 2008


Welcome to Paris!

Back to above subject of $$$, of course its possible. I just did that during my 1day transit at Paris (My waiting time in between incoming (8am) and outgoing (11pm) flight was 15hours later.

It saves me the hassle of handling multi-currencies, and the headache of bringing back the Euro dollars & coins all the way to Sarawak.

Here’s how:-
1) buy the “Paris Visite” pass. Its valid until midnight, costs 18.50 Euro, and with it, all Metro (MRT) and Bus trips are covered.

Note : It canonly be bought from sales counter (NOT available from vending machine). Go queue in that long line now!
p/s : they accepts creditcards, that’s why no conversion to Euro $$$ is required.

2) pee all you want at the airport first before heading out to city. Its hard to find jamban at Paris (even at the train stations, the toilets are 50cent per entry. Not to say that I’m kiamsap, but I really don’t have even 50cent!!)

3) If you are a Petroleum Card member, and your inbound and outbound flights are with Air France, you can request for 2 pieces of meal vouchers. Buy snacks & drinks and head out to town.
If you are not…. use your credit card lor…. 🙂

above : Saint-Eustache Church. Free entrance, open for public.
Metro : Les Halles.
above : Promenade Plantée.
The walkway starts out high above ground level near the historic Place de la Bastille, offering strollers unusual city views, before descending into an embankment.
Metro : turn left at exit of Bastille
above : view of buildings from the Promenade Plantée
above : Les Halles Bristro at Charles de Gaulle airport, T2.
above : Eiffel Tower at night, from Naval Museum.
Metro : just outside Passy station
Below are move photos of the trip:-

p/s : Download here for a PDF Paris Travel Guide. Contains no photos, but have key maps of city, and packed with info.

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