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Posted on 13 January 2009


When I visited Buenos Aires, one of the practical guide I’ve seen is “Traveller’s Guru”.

It contains casual/insider’s/local’s information rather than the typical “for-tourist-type-guidebook”.

Thus, I think this would be a great alternative guide (of course, in addition to the Lonely Planet you’ve bought) – its like a blind man knowing an elephant by touching the leg instead of from touching its ear. Anyway, we are all like blind man with the elephant when it comes to visiting new places, so its no harm touching more ‘parts’ of the elephant, right? Cheers!

There are 2 version, PATAGONIA and BUENOS AIRES. . Both version’s links are pirated here to easify the download of the guide, but the website is


In Buenos Aires itself, I remember that the print version is available at the airport. However, since you are not there yet, below are the links for the latest versions.

Patagonia – 2007 November edition

Patagonia – 2008 November edition

Buenos Aires – October 2008 edition

Buenos Aires – January 2009 edition

BTW, here’s also a similar guide for Holland / Netherland / Amsterdam. Its casual and frank.

Do tell how’s the trip, okay?

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