Supersize AirAsia me?

Posted on 15 January 2009


2 weeks ago, I flew from Kota Kintabalu to Miri. My check-in luggage was overweighted by 5kg, and each 1kg costs RM10. So, I had to paid RM50. The staff just said “company policy” when I tried to ask for discount. Haiyah… anyway, I still have the receipts with me.

So, when I saw the news “Up to 50% savings with AirAsia’s Supersize Baggage Policy”, I thought it could means paying only RM25 for 5kg, instead of RM50 I paid earlier.

But guess what. It IS now RM15 for each 1kg (increase of RM5 or 50%). In my last flight’s case, my 5kg would be RM75. Yeah, right! Have the audacy delcare savings, and to increase 50% price jackup.

It brought me to further analysis. Airasia is calling its luggage “NEW” system “supersize”. With the new “supersize” there will be 3 luggage size : upto 15kg (RM5), upto 20kg (RM43) and upto 25kg (RM8?).

Again, in my case, my 20kg would cost RM43. Of course, if you bought 15kg luggage size, and was overweight by 5kg. Using new pricing, the cost would be 5kg x RM15 = RM75. Of course, if you consider the new increased cost, you are saving RM21. But this is after AirAsia increased the price by 50% (RM10 to RM15 per kilo).

Btw, the term “supersize” is SUPER-MISLEADING.
Super is an adjective that means “extremely large”. So their Super-size means extra-size? (p/s: Remember the documentary film “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock?) Its basically 15kg, exactly the same as previous. Sama-sama bah… why the addition “super” ? Someone please help explain?

Apart from that, it’s definitely not a good idea to use misleading word as “supersize” Uselah “multi-size!”. Sure, it doesn’t sound catchy and “cool” but at least it sounds frank and truthful.

Airasia, you’ve just been severely downgraded in my list of ethically operating companies.

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