sorry…. no new walking arounds

Posted on 22 July 2009


yo friends!

I know there has been no updates / photos / travel news from me for such a long time.

The reason is : I didn’t go jalan-jalan, so no photos to share …

However has been quite busy with Miri life though …. 🙂 nice…..

Looks like its gonna be sharing Miri’s life photos for the time being ya….

Are you guys planning any walking around soon?

As for others …
I know:
1. Ahfer is at London doing a long term holiday.
2. Meiling is at NZ jadi “buruh kasar” 🙂
3. Ahu is scheming to go NZ….

Oh ya, one thing I will need to check is Luit’s plan. Roll, Luit, what’s the plan for 2010?

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