stupid blogspot commenter system

Posted on 14 November 2009


Yo blogspot : You can blast me all you can, saying I’m stupid in IT stuff … but i have totally no patience in repetitively trying to get my comments through in and failed.

Here’s the thing. Went to Tried to post a comment. I choosed wordpress profile. logged in to wordpress, and I was in my wordpress account already. Subsequently, after being redirected to a few screen, the feedback was : You OpenID Credentials could not be verified.. I logged off from wordpress and relogin to try again. Same problem. That’s it – its damn stupid system you got there blogspot. Hello! I’m already in my wordpress account, can see the stats of my blog, and you cannot verify my credentials.

i have no patience

Can’t help but to wonder, if I am at a public PC, saw a page, and tried to comment (and the blog requires a credential), I have to open a new window, login to , come back to that page, before can proceed with comments. That’s just plain stupid for me – sorry I’m in bad mood after trying to post the comments 3 times – and fail miserably.

by the say my comments I wanted to put at is :

in some places of sarawak, it is also known as Lam1 si2 (hokkien pronounciation)

I just gave up…

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