loneranger3 is at Rio de Janeiro!

Posted on 12 December 2009


I got this when I opened my email at Brunei today.

i am msian who just arrived in rio last week.
kinda new and wondering what to do around here.
any advice ah ?

Hi LoneRanger,
first of all, welcome to Rio! I know you are going to enjoy your self at Rio.

Here’s the TOP TOURIST spots that you must visit & take photos :
1. corcovado
use the van. Don’t use the trem. Both vans and trem departs from the same place, and arrives at same destination. If you use van, you will visit another viewing point, where you can see both Jesus & the Guanabara Bay.
safety level = its safe to reveal your camera once you are in the van till you finished the tour, within the national park premises.
time required = requires 2 appoximately hours
pre-visit check = ensure you can see the statue before you go, so when you are up there, you can see down 🙂
more info =


2. santa teresa
this is a bohemian neighbourhood. suggested to go on saturday early morning at 9am. Be there at the Trem station next to Petrobras Headquarter before 9am (before the crowd buildup, otherwise you will have to tang-ku-ku (wait-long-long)). Yellow trem will come, just board them. Don’t bother where they go to. Its just 60cent per direction and you can see nice views. It is suggested to ride all the way to the end of the route, and take the trem back. Then you stop at the centre of the Santa Teresa town (it is the one with fork trem rail). From there, walk to the Parque da Ruinas. There is fantastic view of Rio from there. You can walk around the town centre, before riding back the trem to town center.

3. makan
there is a kind of restaurant in brazil, that is called Churrascario. If you are staying in city of Niteroi, go to Restaurante Verdana, which is located at Charitas. More information here: https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2008/10/17/brazillian-restaurant-that-will-make-you-come-for-more-restaurante-verdanna-part-i/
If you are staying in Rio, you can go to various Churrascario restaurants, but one of the nice ones, ableit expensive is Porçao.

4. fruit shop
fruits are abudant here in Rio.
There are fruits of the season, for example persimmon (march), ponkan (june), strawberry (august), so do visit the fruit shops. When the ponkan is abundant, they can be really cheap, like R$1 per kilo!!

5. lcoal produce market
On sunday morning (9am to 12noon), visit Gloria, (at Gloria Metro station, turn left) sunday vege market.
Can see local produces and fruits on sale.

6. new year related
6a) on new year eve afternoon, spend a day out with the guys on the beach of Icarai. See the details in here :

6b) go back and shower, and immediately you can go to Copacabana beach to do new year countdown. buy a cheap champane (R$10 per bottle from local supermarkets, and a few paper cups) with friends at approx 10pm. Again, don’t bring any original documents (IC or passport – a photocopy is sufficient) : https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2008/01/03/new-year-countdown-at-copabana-beach-was-a-bang/

7. rochina tour
this is a must. do doubt about it. It is a favela (slum) and this tour will take half day through daily life in a slum, and good news ! you can bring your camera along. That place during the tour is perfectly safe while you venture into the slums area, but not during other time. Don’t even venture into slum without a tour guide – its is inviting trouble. See this post for more details. https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/faces-of-rocinha/
more info in https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/what-is-a-favela-click-here-to-see-full-size-photo/.
You won’t regret it. I guarantee!

8 hippie market
for souvenirs to bring back to malaysia, this is one of the place you will want to visit. It is open every sunday morning and has lots of nice nice things to look and buy:

9. go into submarine
go to the barcas (boat station of rio de janeiro). The submarine museum is located just at left side of the barcas. Opening time is in this post https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/introducing-malaysias-ambassador-to-brazil-espaco-cultural-da-marinha/

10 1 day out of town tour
it extremely suggested to go for 1 day schooner trip to Angra dos Reis. Again, you will not regret it 🙂
it is item 2 of the brochure I have put in here : https://jimonge.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/short-tours-for-rio-de-janeiro-nearby-cities/

11 night life : Lapa
sorry, I don’t have post on this, but ask around your local colleagues, friends.
its basically a night hang out place, with a sorts of choices (from slow music, ot bar, to lounge, techno… etc)…. the most ON night is FRIDAY night. it is the most crowded night, and people stays till wee morning.
Looking for some photos from you 🙂

well, that is the top ones i can think of… 🙂