Going to Niah National Park, Sarawak?

Posted on 28 April 2010


If you have friends visiting Miri, and its a short trip, going to Niah Cave is quite a fulfilling day tour. Its not as ‘wow’ as Mulu Cave, but its very accessible. Mulu Cave will need 3~4 days at least while Niah is less than 2 hours drive from Miri.

Johnny came first time to Miri last 2 weeks. Brought him to
1) makan midin, fried pork leg (crispy pata)
2) niah cave
3) escapade makan place at Brunei

too bad can’t squeeze below options in:
1) bring him to e-mart to hunt for weird local fruits
2) drive around Town, Lutong & Shell’s piasau camp

Here are some info on Niah Have that might be useful 🙂
1) what is it
a national park in Sarawak
the oldest modern human remains discovered in Southeast Asia were found in Niah, that suggested settlement back into Palaeolithic area.

2) what to expect
there are 6 main attractions
first : the trail itself is 4km, and its surrounding fauna & animals
second : huge cave
third : ancient painting on cave
fouth : iban longhouse
fifth : swarms of bats & birds doing change-of-duty at sunset
sixth : see how the locals pick bird nest from cave (climb bambo ‘string’)

3) what to bring
first : good walking shoe (non-slippery type pls) & cloths for trekking
second : torchlight (you can rent for RM5 if you don’t have one)
third : water for drinking
fouth : water for hand washing (lots of guano) everywhere inclusive hand rails
fifth : some light snacks. the jungle trail is approx 4km, the cave trail is approx 1km.
sixth : spare cloths. you can shower after returning to park HQ
seventh : tripod if you bring a SLR 🙂
eight : insect repellent
ninth : a bag. secure your stuffs, my cousin’s torchlight fall from rest hut into a ‘blackhole’ underneath us.

4) visiting hours
monday to friday 0800 to 1500
public holiday 0900 to 1500
opens daily

5) extra info
you can guy a simple guide & map from park HQ (same place where you register yourself) with RM1.50. Really useful small guide.

tips :
when you arrived at the Great Cave, climb the guana filled path at the leftside parallel to the fenced archaeological area, instead of following the wooden trail. The instructions are not clear, but that is another way in.

the sequence of destination
-depart from park HQ
-walk 30min to t-junction (there are stalls selling souvenirs)
-turn left brings you to homestay long house
-OR, turn right brings you to cave
-walk another 20min to Trader Cave (its just a shade, not real -cave)
-walk another 10min to Great Cave (that’s the main cave)
-in Great Cave, walk 30 mins to Painting Cave (will pass another jungle opening and trail, which will lead to Painting Cave)

p/s : there are swarms of bats and birds flying in/out from Great Cave, but i don’t know what is best time and where. The guide only says ‘evening’. That’s pretty vague.

so, you will need 5 hours to be comfortably visiting those places 🙂

Below are some nice photos taken by my cousin EeWen

(click to view larger!):
adios! Do come!

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