4 easy steps to create panoramic photos

Posted on 14 September 2010


Hem… this question … I find it easier to explain in email, rather than verbally.

Its easy, its free (just need to download the freely available Windows Live Photo Gallery).

Here’s how guys:

Step 1 : take series of continuous photos (just take photos as you rotate the view. Don’t change the zoom or bring camera forward to maintain size of objects)

Step 2 : open the photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. View all the photos in gallery view.

Step 3: select photos you want to ‘stitch’, and right click on any one of the photos.

The software will do all the calculations & work.

You’ll just have to save the filename when it prompt you to do it.

Presto! Its almost done. Here’s the result.

Step 4: What you’ll need to do next is to crop the photo.

Click “fix”, then click “crop photo”. Move the extend as you wish. When done, press “Apply”.

And that’s the final Presto!

Other examples :


  1. its superb for long far scenery
  2. you can take it with series of people in it. See below example : add creative & fun to it !

Lets talk next about how to do the nice photo effect I replied to Eric just now… will do another short email, but now me go sleep

Good nite!


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