Get National Geographic for just RM94!‏

Posted on 11 June 2011


Wow! Here’s something too good not to share!

Evaluate this:

In Malaysia,
1. National Geographic costs RM18 per magazine (or RM216 per year) in bookshops.
2. If you are a subscriber, to renew your subscription, you’ll pay RM145
3. If you wanna send it to your friend as gift, it costs RM109
4. today, I received email from NGS informing special offer with subscription of RM94.

Apa tunggu lagi, I immediately clicked on the link provided, and proceed to subscribed to it. From RM145 to RM94? Thats a hefty 35% discount, dude!

I think I have a few rows of National Geographic at my Sarikei home, waiting to be re-read whenever I am home. Reading the articles and its fantastic photos about other countries is so interesting, and really could stir the desire to travel – guess that’s why I think mingling with the local people (and eat what they eat, go where they go to) is one of the ways to enjoy the destination 🙂

Vamos para o Rio!

Man, they are good in really tempting me, knowing my subscription ended this month :).

Anyway, here’s the link to the subscription page for Malaysia:

p/s : there’s a free fleece jacket too 🙂

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