What is the measure of your Patriotism?

Posted on 14 August 2011


Its August again. Malaysia’s National Day is 31st August. Malaysia Day is 16th September. Everywhere you can listen to request to raise the Malaysia flag.

My question : Do we need to raise the Malaysia flag? What is it for? To show our patriotism? Are people that raising it patriot? Are people that are not raising it patriot? Are people that wanted to discard the Malaysia not patriot?

No. Patriotism is not raising your flag during month of August. The more flags you put on your car IS NOT measure of your patriotism. Its an expression of your patriotism. Those that did not raised Malaysia flag are not less patriot that those who raised hundreds of flag.

For goodness sake, I could be an Indonesian and raise a Malaysia flag. I could be a corrupted person, and still raise a Malaysia flag. I can be school kids that are instructed to wave the Malaysia flag.

Patriotism is LOVE of one’s country. It is more than raising flag in month of August. It is:-

1. Care & protect for your country. Uphold the constitution. Protect it against people who wishes to interpret law according to their liking.

2. Register as voter and vote. You are accountable for the government you choose or DID NOT BOTHER TO vote against.

3. Be just and fair to everyone (not just towards your own race. Its not your race’s country, but everyone’s country). Everyone should have equal rights. Are there equal rights and treatment? Just take news from this past few weeks : Why some rakyat has no access to basic needs : Why is Rumah Sawang (50km from Sibu) is without piped drinking water 50 years after Merdeka

(click image to access The Star news)
, and why Housing and Urban Development Minister instead have funds to make Malaysia Day celebration, where the Minister said there are gimmicks that will last 20 mins to 30mins on Sept 16.

(click image to access The Star news)

4. Follow the established law and system – as a citizen. If the law and system IS NOT WORKING, find ways to make it work. Don’t bend it to make yourself less burdened while others are still burdened. Complain, if it help. Write letters, if it works. Deliver your concern to the government official or elected representatives, make yourself heard, but don’t keep quiet.

5. everyone do his job earnestly.You earned you income (either public or private employee) by working. Are you being fair to your employer and customer and performed your share of deal when you receive your monthly salary. A rubbish collecter clears the bin; a traffic police should maintain peace and catch the road offenders not only when received complaints; a manager managed his team. What do you feel if you didnt receive your monthly salary? Angry? Now, what will other feel if you did not perform your job? Angry? Earn your living earnestly and fairly.

That’s Patriotism. Now, tell me. Are you a Patriot?

And no, I’ll not raise Malaysia flag to show patriotism. Its much deeper that flag raising.

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