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AirAsia’s Convenience Fee – Setting the Record Straight

January 21, 2010


AirAsia introduced ‘Convenience Fee‘ in November 2009. Further in its Travel3Sixty magazine: What’s a Convenience Fee? This is a flat fee that AirAsia and AirAsia X have introduced to subsidise the cost of implementing, upgrading and maintaining our online payment systems for more secure booking. It is not a surcharge or admin fee. This is […]

loneranger3 is at Rio de Janeiro!

December 12, 2009


I got this when I opened my email at Brunei today. hi, i am msian who just arrived in rio last week. kinda new and wondering what to do around here. any advice ah ? Hi LoneRanger, first of all, welcome to Rio! I know you are going to enjoy your self at Rio. Here’s […]

Guess what ? Brazil is in 10 Most Dangerous Places You Should Definitely Visit

September 6, 2009


check this page out Here’s the ranking 1 somalia 2 lebanon 3 kenya 4 yemen 5 haiti 6 zimbabwe 7 russia 8 mount everest 9 venezuela 10 brazil Anyway, above places I would like to visit are : Kenya (wildlife), Brazil (Peter, its not that bad lah…)

Introducing Malaysia’s Ambassador to Brazil / Espaço Cultural da Marinha

August 1, 2009


Ambassador Dato’ Ng is seen below mingling around with school kids during her visit to a Espaço Cultural da Marinha at city of Rio de Janeiro. inside the submarine ‘Riachuelo’ all the extendable stuffs of the submarine (is there any inspector gadget hand-like stuff?) Dato mingling with school kids All the kids were ‘fighting’ to […]

sorry…. no new walking arounds

July 22, 2009


yo friends! I know there has been no updates / photos / travel news from me for such a long time. The reason is : I didn’t go jalan-jalan, so no photos to share … However has been quite busy with Miri life though …. 🙂 nice….. Looks like its gonna be sharing Miri’s life […]

15 days after the crash of flight AF447

June 14, 2009


It has been 15 days since AF447 crashed enroute from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Newspaper has been providing details and updates but somehow quite lacking photos. Found out these two photographers has a lot of photos taken in the airbase, debris found from the sea, aerial photos of frigates, etc : mariam godet , […]

Penarik Beca di Kota Bharu

June 1, 2009


Penarik Beca di Kota Bharu Originally uploaded by yusri yamin one of the few question I always have asked myself : how did they do such photos? Zahrin, my friend, any tips?