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lets play some music!

July 29, 2009


Ken, Karen, Nicholas, enough inspiration for u guys? Lets go kick some ass this Friday night! p/s : get back to your guitar practice!! Advertisements

half day at paris airport & flight to Singapore

August 9, 2008


oval wooden planks covered walls & ceilling of Charles de Gaulle airpor’s terminal 2E & 2F. en route to airport hotels, will see a Conrcorde. Can’t help thinking ‘Its SO SMALL!’ inspired by Pete’s work. at the end of Terminal 2F. Nice couch to see planes taking off and landing. like this…. pukee pun boleh […]

flying off on Sunday to Singapore!

July 25, 2008


Yo guys! I’m flying off to Singapore on this Sunday, so for those at Singapore, lets go lim-teh!! Here’s the flight info:- departure from Rio at 17:05, and arrival Paris at 11:10 next morning departure from Paris at 23:15, and arrival Changi at 17:45 next evening Thus, Flight time from Rio to Paris = 11hours […]

comparison of newspaper of Brazil, Maaysia & Singapore. Which is the best? (updated)

June 28, 2008


Singapore’s The Straits Times. Great read, though sometimes is too thick, but most of the time informative. The saturday copy is really as thick as my university’s reference book. The best part is the detail analyses in ‘review’, ‘insight’, and the articles by the columnnists (always looking forward for Sumiko Tan’s pieces). Malaysia’s The Star. […]

Aerial photos of Sibu, (of Sarawak, Malaysia) (updated)

April 9, 2008


Here are some photos of Sibu town of Sarawak. Sibu is 2nd largest town in Sarawak, and is mostly known as the ship-maker town. I heard, at this town itself, there are more.....

Foochow Methodist Church at Singapore

March 12, 2008


Ahu & I went to Little India for some jalan-jalan last month when I was at Singapore. Its so famous that all the tourist booklets at Changi Airport mentioned it, and we've never been there before, that's why went there loh...

yesterday was Singapore’s National Day

August 10, 2007


Yup. It’s 9 August. All the guys are enjoying their late morning wake up (or wake up early at own will – up to you guys). Its normal working day for us, except for the expedition to the hill carpark for a photo shot. With the flag in midst of us, it looks like the […]