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    a malaysian not in malaysia
    My name is Haris Ibrahim. Trained in the law.

    deep and intersting read, especially about education

  5. kuchingite at LA.
    important : his photo guide on how to make chicken broth & laksa broth

  6. at first glance – i’d say this blog is for model kit. But there’s ‘more than meet the eyes’ (since transformer fever is high)! would recommend any guitar lovers to come there too.

    this is rose wong from kuching :…. oh.. lots of funny GIFs – nice!


  7. just finished cleaning room

    12 November 2009

    “Where all reasonable persuasion fails, the final “No” to wrongdoing, the place at which the citizen stands up to defend something fundamental, is through peaceful resistance.” – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

    Pets Go Places


  8. megatron

    29 December 2009

    blog of sarawakian political blogger (opposition inclined)

    blog of dr. mahathir mohamad

  9. A Malaysian went to NZ, then to Aussie..


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