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PHOTOGRAPHERS Wedding Photographer at Sarawak Baby photos Jasmine Lee Photography Photojournalist, Malaysia Zack Arias – Atlanta based editorial music photographer The Photographic world of Drew Gardner Detroit Wedding Photographer family & baby photography, based in KL

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  2. hem, lemme see, how to describe this link…
    keywords : mother, photographer, daughter, her blog, very nice & creative photos, lively, colourful, SLR (more reason to get one)

    no need to describe it then, above should be enticing enough to keep on going back on regular basis, yes?

    her blog:
    her flickr page:

  3. tree22’s fotoblog
    another photohunter weblog

    copied from his page “An engineer by profession, enjoy travelling and photography. Nature loving soul – anytime love hiking, jungle trekking & music

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  5. photography malaysia forum

    22 July 2009


  6. malaysia photo forum

    22 July 2009

  7. My young cousin always mentioned Ian Salang. I saw his presentation once during an Easter Drama at Miri, and his photos are kaw-kaw…

    He’s also the Director of one company called : Median Lab.

    Hem, I think he’s based in Miri too.

    Below are links of his, as well as his compani-mates:

  8. five great flsh technique to improve your photography light.

    The title says it all…

    shows how to take photo of shining object, glass bottle, fruits, and diffusing-with-whatever-you-can-hold

  9. lots of HDR photos of Singapore.
    click on each photographers at bottom of each photo, and you’ll go to their flickr page.

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  12. malaysian photographers:

    ian salang

    Darwin Wiggett
    Life And Learning Through The Lense

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  15. 72 Stunning Examples of Bokeh Photography | Web Resources, Design Inspiration, and Fun Spill!:

  16. About time! Someone with some information on this. You’d think considering how popular Comic Book Adaptations are nowadays, some information would actually be pretty easy to find. Apparently not. Anyway, thanks for this! I appreciate it!

    I’m a twenty-something portrait photographer in the Baltimore/Annapolis area. I take natural-light, on-location lifestyle photos.

    Everything is ©Megan Luckeroth, unless otherwise noted. Please contact me if interested in using a photo. Thanks!
    Born and raised in Brookline, Mass., I began photographing at the age of 15. Since completing my BFA in Photography & Imaging at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, I’ve been working as a photographer in New York City.

  18. royalty free stock photography

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  20. jalan-jalan

    27 May 2014


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