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  1. I spend so much of my time thinking about food, talking about food, cooking food, and eating food.

    KampungboyCitygal ( always believe that food, as center of pleasure, culture, and community binds people together. This is why it ignites our interest in starting a food blog in year 2005. Throughout the two years period in food blogging, we continuously search high (for gourmet treat) and low (for alley specialties) for FOOD.

    Padi Seeds – Father Terry Burke MHM


  4. Anonymous

    2 November 2011

    review and photos of makan places, mostly in penang:-


  5. jimonge

    11 April 2012

    ….and Spiritually Speaking
    Things that have moved me, amused me or made me want to be better


  6. jimonge

    14 April 2012


  7. jimonge

    16 April 2012

    a hungry girl’s guide to taipei

    a journal of finding good food and restaurants i love to eat in Taipei when I’m not in Los Angeles. looking forward to hearing from other food lovers about where your favorite places to eat are, so i can try them next!


  8. angkalah (to remember the name)

    26 June 2013

    I Love The Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who Lives Within Me, Now and Forever. Amen


  9. angkalah (to remember the name)

    19 August 2013



  11. fathers of the church list

    2 November 2013

    click ‘resource’ at the website. Resources available :
    -fathers of the church
    -reading materials
    -what we need to know

  12. 20 Marriage Tips Everyone Needs to Know

    I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married

  13. Food wishes

    Kitchen vignetted

    Laura in the kitchen

    Show me the curry



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