American Bedu…With this blog I am sharing my experiences and perspectives as an American in Saudi…..

My Several Worlds A global mind in Asia

Travel Photographers Network

Asiaone Travel

Standing at the cross junctions of my life… Your guide to the cities and regions of the republic of Chile. Everything from trekking to swiming!

An Australian man, a Japanese woman, a Mitsubishi Delica, a Honda Supercup and a camera from Hokkaido to Okinawa This is a web-log of our journey around Japan. We’re an Australian man (Ross Cole-Hunter), and a Japanese woman (Risa). We’ll travel from Hokkaido to Okinawa over the period of about 3 months using a Mitsubishi Delica and a 90cc Honda Supercub

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  1. globetrotteri

    27 September 2007

    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Globetrotteri. Enjoy reading your adventures at Taiwan. Photos you took are also creatively inspiring! Never cease to be excited with each visit to your blog.

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  5. outlook japan in engrish blogs

    6 September 2009
    about japan from eye of Michael, a jpblogger, photographer… etc. good place to practice japanese
    this is also on japanese culture too..
    i like this one. it has lots of nice photographs (just like this one)


  6. outlook japan in engrish blogs

    6 September 2009
    about japan from eye of Michael, a jpblogger, photographer… etc. good place to practice japanese
    this is also on japanese culture too..
    i like this one. it has lots of nice photographs (just like this one)
    this site has one important post : “How to get a Japanese Scholarship”

    Location : Japan


  7. megatron

    30 December 2009

    I say I’m just restless. I want to wander, galavant, and explore. I need to see what else the world has to offer. So I’m following my wanderlust and moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina; the world will be my classroom and experience my teacher.

    Location : Brazil

  8. Street food

    …I am An-Alevel Student….been thinking about this blog for sometime and finally I am started with it….Street food is food obtainable from a streetside vendor, often …

    Location : South Asia

  9. Hi! Nice site ….)

  10. Till We Have Faces…………………………
    Thoughts & Experiences on The Way…

    Location : Korea

  11. KL hawker food mega-guide

    AsiaOne | Wed, Nov 17 2010

    An article on the best of ten favourite foods from the vibrant hawker scene in Kuala Lumpur :
    Beef noodles, laksa, prawn mee, banana leaf eateries, hokkien mee, street snacks, nasi lemak, bak kut the, char siew/siew yoke, penang food.

    Restaurant names are included!!

    Location : Kuala Lumpur

  12. The Polish Magician

    After 16 years in Los Angeles I have decided to move back to my home country of Poland. On this blog I will post updates on my transition and general thoughts on what’s going on in my life in the fatherland.

    Location : Poland

  13. Penang Tourist Attractions, Sights & Residential Properties

    Tuak Hut at Ayer Itam

    Location : Penang, Malaysia

  14. 15 holiday activities under $15
    And you don’t have to be loaded with cash – our list contains activities you can do on a budget of $15 and below.

    Location : Singapore

    Welcome to my not-so-personal, personal blog. The message I portray in it tends to wander from time to time but is always representative of my personal love for photography. I’ve been advised to “stay on message” to use it to help build my photography business, but I would rather share a part of myself and my passions with the rest of the world. If you would like to dive deeper into my corporate and editorial work, have a look at the portfolio section of my professional website.

    Location : Taiwan

    Welcome to Adventures of a Gringa! I’m a 26 year-old New Yorker who lived in Brazil for two years before moving back to the US with my Brazilian husband. To find out more about me and how I wound up in Brazil, see here. To find out how to contact me, see here. I like to make Top Ten lists ; you find them under the Pages column on the right.

    Location : Rio de Janeiro


    website that enable hotel searching n booking done seamlessly.
    cool site and easy to use website.


  18. top spots for bangkok food

    31 December 2011

  19. food
    look out for this Penang Laksa at Balik Pulau

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  21. angkalah (to remember the name)

    27 June 2013

    helen – blogger from sarawak – captured all the makan and hotels went to and has sungguh banyak recommendation for makanan in kuching, brunei and miri – definitely a good library for nice food 🙂


  22. angkalah (to remember the name)

    14 July 2013

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  24. nama-tuu

    14 October 2013


  25. jalan-jalan

    10 March 2014


  26. jalan-jalan

    25 July 2014

    Where to eat some of Penang’s best hawker fare


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