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Guess what ? Brazil is in 10 Most Dangerous Places You Should Definitely Visit

September 6, 2009


check this page out Here’s the ranking 1 somalia 2 lebanon 3 kenya 4 yemen 5 haiti 6 zimbabwe 7 russia 8 mount everest 9 venezuela 10 brazil Anyway, above places I would like to visit are : Kenya (wildlife), Brazil (Peter, its not that bad lah…)

Introducing Malaysia’s Ambassador to Brazil / Espaço Cultural da Marinha

August 1, 2009


Ambassador Dato’ Ng is seen below mingling around with school kids during her visit to a Espaço Cultural da Marinha at city of Rio de Janeiro. inside the submarine ‘Riachuelo’ all the extendable stuffs of the submarine (is there any inspector gadget hand-like stuff?) Dato mingling with school kids All the kids were ‘fighting’ to […]

a bit more photos of Rio de Janeiro that will make you regret didn’t come here when Jim was still there II

January 19, 2009


Remember Photos of Rio de Janeiro that will make you regret didn’t come here when Jim was still there.? It was the iklan (advertisement) to my friends to visit Rio wh...

interesting in newspaper today – Google Chrome, pre-salt, Terminal 2

September 4, 2008


Interesting things that I stumbled upon today when arrived at office: 1) Google has a web browser. It also has a comic to intro about the whole thing – in layman terms. jim : That’s really a creative idea 2) Brazil Oil&Gas news The hot news for these months is the discovery of super […]

waiting for a movie at Cine Odeon BR

June 19, 2008


Cine Odeon BR is a non-mainstream cinema at Cinelandia, Central of Rio. I relate basically 'non-mainstream' to some movies you've never heard of, which most I noticed have the 'venice award' fern logo. Anyway, before the movie starts...

of Jesus, USS George Washington, and Oscar Niemeyer

April 23, 2008


How are they 3 related? Simple : they are all caught in my camera in 1 hour's period. First, USS George Washington, a Nimitz class nuclear.....

first wedding I attended at Brazil

April 15, 2008


I received an email from Elder, a few days back. It was an invitation to his wedding. We met Elder, at another wedding (wedding of Tiago .....