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a cloudy day with Jesus….

June 26, 2008


One tip for visitor-to-be to Corcovado, a.k.a. Cristo Redentor, if there’s a cloud surrounding it, the chance is it will not go away within that few hours. :). You better change your plan and do a u-turn to Ipanema. finger pointing game… “It wasn’t me, its Yaso’s who broke the vase, mom!” more clouds This […]

Corpus Christi in Rio de Janeiro (updated)

May 27, 2008


Like Carnaval (celebrated 49 days before Easter), Corpus Christi is celebrated 60 days after Easter. It is a feast/celebration to solemnly commemorate the Holy Eucharist. Brazil is the country with largest Catholic population .....

Asia came to Rio de Janeiro! (updated)

May 8, 2008


Mr Siew & I were walking in Santa Teresa (the Bohemian neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro) when we heard a waiter at a new restaurant trying to pull customers, saying something "...asian cuisine....". But when he mentioned "...speciality from Malaysia, Singapore...".

a girl waiting for her someone special… (updated)

May 2, 2008


at the window...

of Jesus, USS George Washington, and Oscar Niemeyer

April 23, 2008


How are they 3 related? Simple : they are all caught in my camera in 1 hour's period. First, USS George Washington, a Nimitz class nuclear.....

first wedding I attended at Brazil

April 15, 2008


I received an email from Elder, a few days back. It was an invitation to his wedding. We met Elder, at another wedding (wedding of Tiago .....

Aerial photos of Sibu, (of Sarawak, Malaysia) (updated)

April 9, 2008


Here are some photos of Sibu town of Sarawak. Sibu is 2nd largest town in Sarawak, and is mostly known as the ship-maker town. I heard, at this town itself, there are more.....