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stephen’s wedding – view from a cousin’s camera (updated)

August 9, 2009


Hello fellow family members that didn’t come to Ah Ben’s wedding. Here are the photos. For info, I borrowed colleague’s Canon DSLR (EOS 350D) to see whether it is easy to take photograph using a DSLR during a function. Verdict : Wow! It’s difficult & bulky. Had a good experience of handling a DSLR (thanks […]

Chung Hua Miri – 2009 School Concert

March 30, 2009


‘ At the end of concert (didn’t stay till end though), all I could say was “OMG…. ” with the jaw opened… and imagine how was our secondary school teacher day singing/drama/show/choir. Theirs was like – not by secondary school 🙂

Miri – my new HQ

March 21, 2009


I’m now working at Miri, a town in Sarawak. . Oh ya, here’s a music festival coming soon : Miri International Jazz Festival, from 8th – 9th May 2009 , 5 pm – 1 am. . So to my music lover friends, apa tunggu lagi! 🙂 . Here’s de website : . . Apart […]

brazillian restaurant that will make you come for more – Restaurante Verdanna (part I)

October 17, 2008


I would… After reading this and seeing the photos, I think you guys you as well… Here goes. . At Niteroi city, next to Rio de Janeiro, there’s a restaurant called Verdanna. . Its a buffet style restaurant that charges R$43 per head. . Its one of the place to go if you are thinking […]

Fantastic view from the back of our office. Jealous leh….

October 6, 2008


Kekeke… Hui, something to make you awake…. 🙂 . Notice the old colonial age buildings nearer to us? I guess they must be more than 200 years old. In Rio the city council is encouraging restoration of old buildings by giving various incentives like tax incentives. So you can see that the one in bright […]

I surrender all (updated)

September 23, 2008


I’m so occupied with office work, as the bidding date of the project is nearing! Here’s 5 minutes off. p/s : this was at Corcovado. updated : imagine the guys humming “I surrender all” (click on the youtube below for the music”. That would be a perfect match for his action. 🙂 click on below […]

2 different view of Jesus: “gloomy rainly” or “brightly inviting” look

September 22, 2008


Sunday 7 of September. 2 weeks ago. bright sun shinny day. . Monday 15 of September. 1 week ago. Had a whole week of rain. Say UK. Say drizzling rain from morning till night. Say wet shoe and cold night. Yup. That’s Rio for last week. The cold front lasted almost a week from Sunday […]