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half day at paris airport & flight to Singapore

August 9, 2008


oval wooden planks covered walls & ceilling of Charles de Gaulle airpor’s terminal 2E & 2F. en route to airport hotels, will see a Conrcorde. Can’t help thinking ‘Its SO SMALL!’ inspired by Pete’s work. at the end of Terminal 2F. Nice couch to see planes taking off and landing. like this…. pukee pun boleh […]

flying off on Sunday to Singapore!

July 25, 2008


Yo guys! I’m flying off to Singapore on this Sunday, so for those at Singapore, lets go lim-teh!! Here’s the flight info:- departure from Rio at 17:05, and arrival Paris at 11:10 next morning departure from Paris at 23:15, and arrival Changi at 17:45 next evening Thus, Flight time from Rio to Paris = 11hours […]

Foochow Methodist Church at Singapore

March 12, 2008


Ahu & I went to Little India for some jalan-jalan last month when I was at Singapore. Its so famous that all the tourist booklets at Changi Airport mentioned it, and we've never been there before, that's why went there loh...