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In and around Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro…

November 25, 2008


window of an old house . condominium (quite an old one) at Rua da Passagem . TACO shirts at Botafogo Praia Shopping. Its somethine like Singapore/HK’s Gionardo. . Tiny little statue of Jesus Redeemer just outside Botafogo Praia Shopping. The Rio inhibitants see the statue everyday; no wonder most of them never go up the […]

Fantastic view from the back of our office. Jealous leh….

October 6, 2008


Kekeke… Hui, something to make you awake…. 🙂 . Notice the old colonial age buildings nearer to us? I guess they must be more than 200 years old. In Rio the city council is encouraging restoration of old buildings by giving various incentives like tax incentives. So you can see that the one in bright […]