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What is the measure of your Patriotism?

August 14, 2011


Its August again. Malaysia’s National Day is 31st August. Malaysia Day is 16th September. Everywhere you can listen to request to raise the Malaysia flag. My question : Do we need to raise the Malaysia flag? What is it for? To show our patriotism? Are people that raising it patriot? Are people that are not […]

One of the most popular outlets in the country must be the Balik Pulau Asam Laksa

July 17, 2008


Disclaimer : I saw & digitized this from a page of The Star, but can’t remember exactly who’s article is this, so dear author of below article, thanks & sorry yah: 1) I ‘ciplak’-ed this because I plan to use it when I go Penang :). 2) I put it here, because internet is among […]

comparison of newspaper of Brazil, Maaysia & Singapore. Which is the best? (updated)

June 28, 2008


Singapore’s The Straits Times. Great read, though sometimes is too thick, but most of the time informative. The saturday copy is really as thick as my university’s reference book. The best part is the detail analyses in ‘review’, ‘insight’, and the articles by the columnnists (always looking forward for Sumiko Tan’s pieces). Malaysia’s The Star. […]