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what you see while flying from Sibu to Miri

August 31, 2008


as usual, click on photo for enlarged view, and another click on enlarged photo for full sized view. Ho! Ho! Ho! Burp! yellow river, green forest, blue&red houses LNG vessel (heading torwards Bintulu). The vessel loads liquified gas from Bintulu, and unloads at Japan. house near Miri airport light torquise water, somewhere near Bintulu coastal […]

8 Airasia planes at KL-LCCT

August 27, 2008


Early morning at KLIA’s LCCT’s tarmac. For the unknown, LCCT means “low cost carrier terminal”. In other words, its KLIA without the glitz, a functional, too simple, at times congested airport, its really a headache especially when you need to get from KLIA to LCCT. p/s : click on photo to enlarge, and another click […]

guess name of is this hotel – I BET you won’t be able to guess, even with 10 tries (updated)

August 26, 2008


Here goes… first clue, the below photos. – – – – – – – – – dead flowers are meant to be left on tree, take some time to trim lah…. grass are drying & dying… trees are slanting, & skinny, grass seems a bit unfertilized the plants are sparsely distributed. not enough care, seems […]

kuala terengganu & redang island

August 9, 2008


1) BEFORE GOING TO ISLAND road sign for COW crossing. water of the jetty at Merang. Wait till you guys see the water of Redang….. 2) AT THE REDANG ISLAND click for large view of the island (click again for even full larger view) . this is definitely one of the BEST BUILT resorts at […]

half day at paris airport & flight to Singapore

August 9, 2008


oval wooden planks covered walls & ceilling of Charles de Gaulle airpor’s terminal 2E & 2F. en route to airport hotels, will see a Conrcorde. Can’t help thinking ‘Its SO SMALL!’ inspired by Pete’s work. at the end of Terminal 2F. Nice couch to see planes taking off and landing. like this…. pukee pun boleh […]