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scene from Air France flight AF447 from Rio to Paris

July 31, 2008


I think its a Boeing Boeing 777 kuah? Sat at the second first row of economic class, where the TV screen is flippable, and no one disturbs you when the guy in front of you move the chair back. dinner. I find some airlines food quite palatable. The red wines are normally of below average […]

Versace Bright Crystal & Carolina Herrera 212

July 29, 2008


Changi Airport duty free shop: crystal SGD113 (with free gift) Rio de Janeiro Airport’s duty free shop: crystal USD76 212 USD73 (with free gift)

flying off on Sunday to Singapore!

July 25, 2008


Yo guys! I’m flying off to Singapore on this Sunday, so for those at Singapore, lets go lim-teh!! Here’s the flight info:- departure from Rio at 17:05, and arrival Paris at 11:10 next morning departure from Paris at 23:15, and arrival Changi at 17:45 next evening Thus, Flight time from Rio to Paris = 11hours […]

Ipanema Beach during perfect weather

July 23, 2008


Perfect weather here in Rio just needs to be one thing. Bright sunny day, when sun is blasting its 100%. Then you’ll see everyone being magnetized and drawn to the beach. A group of friends came to Rio last few weeks ago, actually bringing them to lepak at the beach was part of the plan. […]

One of the most popular outlets in the country must be the Balik Pulau Asam Laksa

July 17, 2008


Disclaimer : I saw & digitized this from a page of The Star, but can’t remember exactly who’s article is this, so dear author of below article, thanks & sorry yah: 1) I ‘ciplak’-ed this because I plan to use it when I go Penang :). 2) I put it here, because internet is among […]

faces of Rocinha

July 16, 2008


Went for a tour into Rochina (the favela which I mentioned in earlier post) last Sunday with wenwei & her friends from Malaysia. The guide mentioned mentioned the favela is controlled by drug trafficker, thus it’s quite safe. Down inside, I’m hoping to see someone carrying a riffle/gun. Aihseh… tak nampak. Its an extremely eye-opening […]

what is a ‘favela’? Click here to see full size photo

July 5, 2008


Being a part of Brazil, or Rio de Janeiro….. ‘Favela’ is the term people here call slum originated illegal houses built on vacant lands, which normally on hills of Brazillian city (since hills are normally vacant, due to it is harder for commercial development at hills). There’s lots of interesting details here at wikipedia, but […]