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a day in midst of press journalists/photographers

April 30, 2008


Had a totally cool experience recently: We had a company function 2 weeks ago. Its basically a JV signing ceremony held at city of Rio's Governor Office.

of Jesus, USS George Washington, and Oscar Niemeyer

April 23, 2008


How are they 3 related? Simple : they are all caught in my camera in 1 hour's period. First, USS George Washington, a Nimitz class nuclear.....

first wedding I attended at Brazil

April 15, 2008


I received an email from Elder, a few days back. It was an invitation to his wedding. We met Elder, at another wedding (wedding of Tiago .....

Aerial photos of Sibu, (of Sarawak, Malaysia) (updated)

April 9, 2008


Here are some photos of Sibu town of Sarawak. Sibu is 2nd largest town in Sarawak, and is mostly known as the ship-maker town. I heard, at this town itself, there are more.....

gambar kenangan Chinese New Year 2008

April 2, 2008


yo guys, The photos are 2 months late, but below are some photos of Chinese New Year which I kacau-kacau a bit! And here's my 10 highlights of .....