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comparison of newspaper of Brazil, Maaysia & Singapore. Which is the best? (updated)

June 28, 2008


Singapore’s The Straits Times. Great read, though sometimes is too thick, but most of the time informative. The saturday copy is really as thick as my university’s reference book. The best part is the detail analyses in ‘review’, ‘insight’, and the articles by the columnnists (always looking forward for Sumiko Tan’s pieces). Malaysia’s The Star. […]

(almost) Aerial view of Ingá neighbourhood, Niterói (updated)

June 27, 2008


updated : Thanks Samantha! almost all photos are now available in bigger view when clicked. This is the neighbourhood of Ingá, viewed from 14th floor of an apartment. Ingá is a small neighbourhood at municipal of Niterói city. Niterói is sister of Rio de Janeiro city. Just like JB & Singapore… separated by a bay. […]

a cloudy day with Jesus….

June 26, 2008


One tip for visitor-to-be to Corcovado, a.k.a. Cristo Redentor, if there’s a cloud surrounding it, the chance is it will not go away within that few hours. :). You better change your plan and do a u-turn to Ipanema. finger pointing game… “It wasn’t me, its Yaso’s who broke the vase, mom!” more clouds This […]

yo man – feliz aniversario!!

June 24, 2008


Yo amigo! Um pouco atrasado, mas antes tarde do que nunca! Felicidade & muita saude! Parabens, ganhou meia ano cada pe….

waiting for a movie at Cine Odeon BR

June 19, 2008


Cine Odeon BR is a non-mainstream cinema at Cinelandia, Central of Rio. I relate basically 'non-mainstream' to some movies you've never heard of, which most I noticed have the 'venice award' fern logo. Anyway, before the movie starts...

meaning of ‘Stadhuys’ at Malacca town

June 9, 2008


Yo guys, I just found that Stadhuys (neh, the little red building at Malacca town center ah…) is Dutch word Stadhuis that means “City Hall”. While there’s feeling of syok … sebab learn new meaning of word that is part of our life, at the same time, there’s a parallel tak-syok feeling of “sekarang baru […]