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a bit more photos of Rio de Janeiro that will make you regret didn’t come here when Jim was still there II

January 19, 2009


Remember Photos of Rio de Janeiro that will make you regret didn’t come here when Jim was still there.? It was the iklan (advertisement) to my friends to visit Rio wh...

Supersize AirAsia me?

January 15, 2009


2 weeks ago, I flew from Kota Kintabalu to Miri. My check-in luggage was overweighted by 5kg, and each 1kg costs RM10. So, I had to paid RM50. The staff just said “company policy” when I tried to ask for discount. Haiyah… anyway, I still have the receipts with me. So, when I saw the […]

traveller’s guru

January 13, 2009


When I visited Buenos Aires, one of the practical guide I’ve seen is “Traveller’s Guru”. It contains casual/insider’s/local’s information rather than the typical “for-tourist-type-guidebook”. Thus, I think this would be a great alternative guide (of course, in addition to the Lonely Planet you’ve bought) – its like a blind man knowing an elephant by touching […]

a photolook at poverty at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January 12, 2009


Nope. Dun get me wrong! I’m no longer at Brazil! Was browsing some old archives, and saw some interesting photos. One of them is this. The truth is : in Rio de Janeiro, there are lots of people sleeping on the street, or at walkways, or at doors of office buildings. At late evening/night, when […]

The boys are training for tightrope walking?

January 11, 2009


To the boys : Start sending your resume to Cirque du Soleil! Actually, its just a normal day crossing the river, from one side to another side. No wonder standing on moving sampan is a snap of finger for the kids. In a word : sap-sap-sui la!!